San Francisco Bay Area Psychiatrist Providing Psychiatric Evaluation, Treatment, and Consultation

Specialization in Treatment of Complex Psychiatric
and Medical-Psychiatric Situations

Steven A Frankel, MDWhat’s missing from psychiatric care as it’s usually practiced?

• Care is typically boiled down to individual categories such as a diagnosis (like depression), while bypassing confounding personal issues and medical illnesses.

• Clinicians tend to focus on the patient separated from the rest of his or her life.

• Care is available only on a schedule, regardless of whether the crisis occurs on Saturday or in the middle of the night.

• Care is delivered by someone whose experience and interest covers only part of a problem, for example, attending to depression while neglecting a chaotic family situation or vocational difficulties, or targeting an obsessive-compulsive ritual while minimizing coexisting weakness and shortness of breath.

That’s not what you will get if you work with me.

I work differently from many psychiatrists. I believe that psychiatric conditions don’t exist in isolation. They are often complicated by interpersonal issues involving relationships, family, school, or employment. They may require psychotherapy in addition to medication (or without it), or combined medical-psychiatric treatment when medical conditions are also present.

I am certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (“board certified”) in both general psychiatry and child/adolescent psychiatry, as well as by the American Psychoanalytic Association, and have been practicing for over 35 years. I am the author of five books: the first three on the relationship between doctor or therapist and patient. The most recent, on working with complex psychiatric and psychiatric-medical situations using my “Medical-Psychiatric Coordinating Physician Method”, is for health care professionals. I have a strong background and interest in medicine as it relates to psychiatric and psychological problems. Accordingly, I created and direct the Center for Collaborative Psychiatry, Medicine, and Psychology, focusing on the integration of psychiatry and medicine.

What I Offer:

Conventional Psychiatric Treatment and Beyond

I work differently from many psychiatrists. I can and do provide traditional medication management and psychotherapy for adults, families, and children. However, I generally take a comprehensive approach, making sure to include full consideration of the key issues, people, and settings impacting a patient’s life. My objective is to eradicate the problem, not just the symptoms.

Integration and Coordination of Complex Treatments

I work with my patients and their families to unravel their problems, the causes, and the reasons they are not resolving. Together we uncover and address the important psychiatric/psychological, medical, and social issues. I formally evaluate the presenting problems, confer with needed specialists, create and implement a treatment plan, and track results. This activity may include making use of our “Collaborative Psychiatry-Neuropsychology Method”, where I work in coordination with a neuropsychologist.

Collaboration with the Patient, Family, and Other Specialists

When a person’s psychiatric or psychiatric/medical/social condition is complicated, the opinion of a single professional working alone may be insufficient to determine the best and most comprehensive approach to treatment. In these situations, I find and work together with specialists who can perform needed medical and/or psychological-neuropsychological testing. I also collaborate with others who can provide additional needed services. As required, I assemble and coordinate a treatment team, according to my “Medical-Psychiatric Coordinating Physician Model”, with the patient and his or her family as integral members. By working in this way, diagnostic accuracy is improved and treatment is most likely to be on target.

Consultation with Health Care Professionals

I am available to consult to other health care professionals, including physicians. These consultations may be brief or extensive depending on the complexity of the situation. If you desire, I can join the treatment team with you. For more information about my collaborative model of working, see the “Medical-Psychiatric Coordinating Physician Method” and “Collaborative Psychiatry-Neuropsychology” approach for problems requiring psychological/neuropsychological testing, as well as my five books.

To learn more about my services please contact me.